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Let us be honest — Windows 10 is nowhere near perfect for gaming and Windows 11 is Windows 10 but with a facelift and even more telemetry and components that will inevitably take away some of your FPS.

You are still bottlenecked by your hardware but a cleaner and slimmer Windows install will give your hardware the leeway to spend more time on your game instead of running Windows services. It is also important to understand that depending on how custom you are going with your Windows ISO you will end up with a system with huge chunks of Windows stripped in the name of latency and FPS.

Before installing any custom Windows 10 ISO do your research and figure out what components are missing and what issues are known to happen with these custom installs. Usually, this means scrolling through all of the Discord channels of the said custom Win 10 install and looking in the support chats, etc.

There will be one custom Windows ISO that is generally Another important aspect of knowing which custom ISO to get and which ones you should stay away from is directly related to how old the custom build is. At the same time, the older the build, the fewer components it will have resulting in a lot of services you currently use being broken or unusable.

The main recommendation is to stay away from FoxOS , RekOS , EVA builds if you have no clue about custom Windows installs or simply do not want to troubleshoot basic issues that might arise from these builds missing components you might otherwise use. If you however are comfortable with troubleshooting and dealing with problems then these builds will result in the best latency and inputs you can currently get.

A lot of the builds circulating on the internet could also be discontinued as well since a lot of software simply does not work with them anymore so be careful what you are installing. This is a complex question because each ISO tends to favor different games and different hardware as shown in this video made by Derek , therefore, your decision should be purely based on your personal testing. Another great idea is to check The World of PC Discord channel called kevs-wcharts where you have a handy thread made by Kev.

He spent quite a lot of time so I would encourage you to join the Discord and take a look at his findings regarding which custom Windows 10 ISOs performed the best in his testing. Putting together all of the information I have been gathering about custom Windows 10 ISOs and after testing some of them for myself the general recommendations would be as follows:.

This ISO does not necessarily have a lot of tweaks done for FPS and latency but it is the closest to a normal Windows 10 install, so the chances of you breaking things are slim.

If you are a novice this should be the first custom Windows you install and then once you gain more experience you can go further into the optimizations black hole. These are extremely tweaked and stripped Windows installs so a lot of the components are missing or are not working.

It would be a good idea to check all of their Discord channels to see if these versions are compatible with the software you are using daily Adobe products might not work, Microsoft accounts, etc. Overall superb latency and FPS in games at the cost of extra troubleshooting and certain missing components.

All of the creators of these builds recommend NOT doing any independent tweaking outside of the post-install folders with tweaks that have been specifically designed to work with that custom ISO.

Outside of the post-install procedures trying to further tweak the ISO usually results in complete failure and the need to reinstall the ISO. My second recommendation for newer people to tweaking would be ggOS.

A lot of these custom ISOs come with their own power plans and specific tweaks so to truly understand which one is better for your hardware you will need to test all of them individually.

Once you have made your decision considering all of the data, you are ready to move to your new fully custom, fully tweaked out Windows 10 ISO. Will disassemble all of his peripherals and sometimes PC parts to mod them even if all of them work perfectly fine. Overall, Chris is a BIG nerd and he is absolutely proud of it!

Follow him on Twitch. Do you know if my laptop that is from Q1 with a dual core processor, can run builds that are ? Not Thanks! Hey, your laptop should be fine running but be careful because certain games require or higher to use voice chat and other features Phasmophobia requires Windows for voice recognition drivers.

How the heck do you download any of these. All the links just go to discord accounts with no download links. Channels have either a guide or a group chat where you can ask for more details regarding the verification process. Very good article. Have you tried Rek OS 0. Rek have the lowest latency for me vs the rest on the list. S I been using GG the most. I am currently using FoxOS and after the initial setup process and tweaking the install has been solid. Plugging in a new device and setting it up can be a nuisance, especially if you want to get into a competitive game.

Controllers are not new, by technology standards, but for some people, they might be the newest smartphone with an unknown operating system. Apart from the standard controller options that have to be […]. These settings were tested on 2 PCs and only 4 Windows installs therefore our sample size is not nearly enough to account for all the possible variables […]. CRT cathode-ray tube monitors are a thing of the past, nevertheless, people nowadays still seek them out and buy them for their gaming needs.

This situation is quite perplexing for some people considering that CRT technology is considered obsolete and no manufacturer makes CRT monitors anymore. What would be the reasons that people still buy […]. Finding a good gaming monitor is all about knowing what your priorities are and which specs to look at when deciding on a panel. You can have a limited budget and get a great monitor for gaming, and you can also spend a lot of money for a subpar experience.

The single most important aspect […]. Monitor settings are important for visual clarity but there is no setting more important than overdrive when it comes to gaming. The problem is that each monitor has different optimal overdrive settings and each panel could also have slight differences in its pixel response times while using identical settings. Because of these conditions, it is […].

GPU overclocking is a well-explored topic in the PC optimization world since it can achieve real performance gains that can be easily measured. The most common tool used for GPU overclocking is MSI Afterburner and as with any other tool, there are settings you need to familiarize yourself with to use the utility to its […].

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